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Measurement is who we are and what we do. For 5 generations our family has been involved in the metrology field. We have seen measurement equipment change the shape of manufacturing and we have seen measuring equipment that wasn't worth using or selling. Let our experience help you save time and improve quality.

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A.A. Jansson, Inc.'s metrology standards and precision equipment calibration services have been providing customers with complete confidence in instrument and equipment accuracy for more than 50 years. With our company’s deep understanding of measurement technologies dating back to our beginnings in the late 1800’s.

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A.a. jansson's laboratory is staffed with inspectors and equipment to get the job done accurately and on time

Surface finish

If you don't have the equipment to perform the job let A.A. Jansson be your source for surface roughness, profile and Waviness measurements. A.A. Jansson utilizes the Mitutoyo SJ-400 series Roughness tester. This tester allows for both skidless and non-skidless operation. The unit supports ANSI, DIN and ISO Standards. The SJ-400 series comparator mounted on a column allows for High accuracy measurements on flat and cylindrical surfaces. Both Straightness and Waviness are easily measured by switching to skidless measurement mode. Parameters supported are Ra, Ry, Rz, Rq, Pc, R3z, mr, Rt, Rp, Rv, Sm, S, δc, Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, A1, A2, Lo, Ppi, R, AR, Rx, ∆a, ∆q, Ku, HSC, mrd, Sk, W, AW, Wte, Wx, Vo

Part inspection

Need part inspection. Our Contact and Non-contact inspection services will measure your parts accurately and on time. Our knowledgeable and experience staff, along with our vast selection of measuring equipment and software allow us to meet your most demanding measurement requirements.


Engineering determines how round a part needs to be. However it is metrology's job to verify if the specification has been met. The world is dependent on machines with rotating parts. We know that controlling roundness can improve performance. However the cost of a roundness machine can be expensive. If you don't have enough work to justify the cost there is no need to worry. A.A. Jansson is accredited for roundness inspection can save you the cost. Just another way A.A. Jansson helps add to your bottom line

Training & Consulting

A. A. Jansson's Quality and Manufacturing experts can work with you to help you achieve a product that meets design intent while improving your process. A. A. Jansson, Inc. offers a number of classes that will help you improve your process.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I have my gage blocks calibrated regularly?

Regular service of your gage blocks will prolong their life. A.A. Jansson's unique reconditioning process will greatly improve the surface finish and wringability of your gage blocks and help ensure against expensive production errors.

Does A.A. Jansson provide a rush service?

Yes we do. Ask for our RUSH service and get you calibration service in 5 working days. There is an additional 30% charge added to you calibration cost.

Does A.A. Jansson offer pickup and delivery?

Yes we do. A.A. Jansson provides on site service throughout Michigan and northern Indiana and Ohio. Depending on our service schedule we can pick up gages when we are in the area. We are regularly in the greater Detroit Area and Northern Michigan. We have offices located in Waterford, and West Branch.

How does the wringing action occur between two gages?

Gage blocks "wring" together for two reasons. First, there is an adhesive action because of an ultra-thin film of oil or moisture between the blocks. Second, there is a molecular attraction, or bonding, between the blocks because of the very flat and parallel mating surfaces. Here is an article that goes more into detail.

Does A.A Jansson manufacture special size gage blocks?

Yes we do. We will manufacture gage blocks to your special requirements. Just provide a blue print detailing your specification and we will provide the gage block. Materials include but not limited to, steel, chrome plate, ceramic, chrome carbide, and tungsten carbide. Prices are quoted upon request.

Does A.A. Jansson serialize gage blocks and other types of gages?

We serialize gage blocks on a regular basis. We charge $1.50 per block and a $5.00 setup fee is applied for each different serial number. Other gages can be quoted upon request.

How do I choose a plug gage for my measurement application?

Keep in mind that a Go plug has a plus tolerance and is designed to gauge the smallest acceptable hole size, and a NoGo plug has a negative tolerance, designed to gauge the largest acceptable hole size. Subsequently a Go gage should be able to pass through the hole and a NoGo plug gauge should not. This is why they call it Go NoGo gauging. Others call it Fixed Limit Gauging. Here is an article that goes more into detail.

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