A.A. Jansson Inc. possesses a vast body of knowledge in the field of precision measurement. We offer a diverse range of the world's most precise measuring tools and equipment, and provide all the tools your operation needs to meet today's stringent requirements for quality. Our seasoned team of metrology experts will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and provide a targeted, efficient, and convenient solution that exactly matches your application needs.

From modern optical imaging and laser measuring equipment to tried-and-true gage blocks, sine bars, and calipers, we have a solution for every industrial measuring need. Whether you are upgrading, maintaining, adding capacity, or undertaking a new quality initiative, as a distributor of the finest brands of metrology equipment available today, we are well positioned to meet your specific needs.

Serving Michigan, Northern Indiana, and the Northern Ohio region, we have customers in many industries, from automotive and general manufacturing to aerospace, defense, medical, and many more. We are also single authorized service center for the widely renowned line of Mikrokator-brand mechanical comparators. You can trust us to equip you with tools that provide accurate, consistent, and reliable results and help you resolutely achieve your quality goals.


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