C.E. Johansson, "Father of Measurement", of Eskilstuna, Sweden, devoted many years of labor and research to reducing the inaccuracies of the Mid 1800s measuring devices such as the micrometer and the caliper.

In 1897 he produced his first set of precision gage blocks, guaranteed to have an error of less than .000016" per inch of length. Fourteen years later, with a small team of workers, gage blocks were ready to be produced in commercial quantities. Among those first developers working beside C.E. Johansson was Sven Lundquist (pictured above, farthest to the right). In 1923 Sven brought his family and knowledge to Dearborn, Michigan, to manage the Ford Motor Johansson Gage Block Division.

In 1961 Sven's sons, Arne and Eric Lundquist, formed A.A. Jansson, Inc. Over the years our company has grown and diversified within the measuring field. Today we carry a complete line of measuring products as well as perform numerous types of calibration services.

From 1971 to 1999 Arne's son, Karl Lundquist, served as president of A.A. Jansson. During that time, the company evolved into a full service and sales company employing up to 48 employees. In keeping with the family tradition, A.A. Jansson is currently owned and operated by the Great-Grandchildren of Sven Lundquist, Eric Lundquist and Alison McClellan. Their family commitment to quality ensures you the best possible service for your measuring needs and instruments

Reliability, Integrity, and Quality.

Statement of Operating Philosophy

Our goal is to maintain a working environment where everyone collectively contributes to the needs of our customers. The management of A.A. Jansson strives to provide the profitability necessary for the company and its employees to prosper. All of our employees are salespeople. As a highly technical and motivated team, we work, together daily to attain the highest quality, productivity and market penetration we need to survive. Together, we will work aggressively toward a steady rate of expansion.Our employees take pride in their work. We encourage individual creativity and achievement, and welcome a free flowing exchange of information and ideas.The success of our company is dependent on the development and utilization of our human resources and their commitment to A.A. Jansson's success.

Quality Statement

The goal of A.A. Jansson is to serve our customer's needs by providing the highest quality service and precision measuring equipment at a competitive price. We will endeavor to reach this goal by staying abreast of new technologies, innovations, and methods that will maintain and improve our reputation for quality services. Our employees are continuously exposed to, understand, and implement policies and procedures related to quality in their daily work. There is an overall commitment to develop, maintain, and improve our management system. The management system will be the driving force to produce a quality service to our Customers.The services that we perform will comply with the latest revision of ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540.

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