Surface Plate & granite surfaces

Granite Surface plates have been the literal foundation of measurement for decades. The surface plate is used as a reference plane for precision inspection, layout and tooling setup around the world. It is inherently stable, non-magnetic and will not rust. In addition it can be lapped to maintain its flatness and repeat reading.

At A.A. Jansson Inc., we are experts at providing precise, high quality granite surfaces made to laboratory grade, inspection grade, and tool room grade accuracy. We are able to provide surface plates, tool making flats, angle plates, parallels, V-Blocks, 5-faced master squares and more. Our granite features low water absorption characteristics, excellent surface hardness, and high levels of wear resistance. As a full service provider we service what we sell, and can provide calibration and resurfacing (lap) of granite, as well as drilling and installation of inserts in granite.


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