On Site Calibration

In an effort to help save you time and money we perform many calibrations on-site. There is no reason to incur costly downtime when A.A. Jansson can calibrate your gauges and instruments right at your facility. This option will also protect you from gages potentially being damaged due to mishandling by commercial shipping personnel or improper packing. This value-added service reduces shipping costs and down time incurred while your gauges are sitting on a truck. You can also continue to use your gauges up until the time of calibration. Our on-site calibration services guarantee you will have your accredited calibration certificates before we leave your facility, allowing you to complete your quality procedures in a timely fashion.

A.A. Jansson's Laboratory is accredited in accordance with recognized International Standard ISO/IEC17025:2017. We also meet the requirements of ANSI/NCSL Z540.1 and ANSI/NCSL Z540.3


On Site Calibration ❯in lab calibration ❯

Precision Hand Tools are used in every calibration laboratory and on every shop floor in the world. These are the measuring instruments that get the job done. Therefore it is important to maintain there working condition and proper calibration.

A.A. Jansson calibrates all types of dimensional hand tools to help maintain your manufacturing and calibration processes.

  • Comparator Gages
  • Calipers
  • Dial indicators
  • Parallels
  • V Blocks
  • 123 Blocks
  • Height Gages
  • And more...

A.A. Jansson has a qualified and experienced team of technical service technicians available to service your optical comparators. Our technicians can perform maintenance, repair or upgrades on all makes and models, regardless of its age or condition.

Proper calibration improves positioning and magnification accuracy. While lesser qualified service technicians will only certify your optical comparator, A.A. Jansson service technicians will improve your comparator to receive the most precise positioning and magnification accuracy obtainable for your equipment.

We Specialize in Complete Optical Comparator Service

  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Electronic Troubleshooting
  • Optical Magnification Adjustment
  • Mechanical and Optical Alignment
  • Accredited Calibration
  • Upgrades for Measuring System
  • Lighting System Upgrades
  • And more...

Granite Surface plates have been the literal foundation of measurement for decades. The surface plate is used as a reference plane for precision inspection, layout and tooling setup around the world. It is inherently stable, non-magnetic and will not rust. In addition it can be lapped to maintain its flatness and repeat reading.

At A.A. Jansson Inc., we are experts at providing precise, high quality granite surfaces made to laboratory grade, inspection grade, and tool room grade accuracy. We are able to provide surface plates, tool making flats, angle plates, parallels, V-Blocks, 5-faced master squares and more. Our granite features low water absorption characteristics, excellent surface hardness, and high levels of wear resistance. As a full service provider we service what we sell, and can provide calibration and resurfacing (lap) of granite, as well as drilling and installation of inserts in granite.

A.A. Jansson's Surface Plate Calibration is the most accurate and reliable calibration service available. Our computerized digital electronics capabilities allow automatic economical, fast and error-free calculations and surface plates will be checked for flatness and repeat reading.

We will also resurface to the required grade for your granite surface plates that are found out of tolerance. A.A. Jansson follows Federal Specification GGG-P-463c, ASME B89.3.7-2013, or customer specific specification. All services can be performed in you plant and are conveniently scheduled to meet your requirements.

Vision inspection is one of the fastest growing industries in manufacturing. A.A. Jansson is the leader in vision system calibration and service and our trained technicians will thoroughly inspect and improve machine geometry.Prior to calibration, we thoroughly clean all machines and inspect for potentially worn parts. Our technicians will then adjust the machine both mechanically and optically to insure optimum performance.A. A. Jansson specializes in Complete Vision Systems Calibration

Surface Metrology has become very popular in recent years as an understanding of roundness, contour and surface finish can improve product life and performance. A.A. Jansson will calibrate your surface metrology equipment to insure high degrees of accuracy for the measurement. All standards are regularly calibrated and are NIST traceable to insure precise and accurate measurements.