Measuring Instruments

Measurement is who we are and what we do. For 5 generations our family has been involved in the metrology field. We have seen measurement equipment change the shape of manufacturing and we have seen measuring equipment that wasn't worth using or selling. Let our experience help you save time and improve quality.

Much like the "calculator," measuring equipment and metrology standards are being sold on every corner. However there is as much difference in the people that sell the gages as there are in the gages themselves. It can be confusing knowing the difference between a $3,000 14" optical comparator and a $19,000 14" optical comparator. Especially when the accuracy statements from each manufacturer are exactly the same. Let us help you navigate the differences.

There are over a hundred manufacturers of precision measuring equipment in the Market place. Deciding which measuring equipment to purchase can be confusing. Remember it isn't about price it is about value. We will help you decide the measuring equipment and metrology standards your application requires by taking into consideration Accuracy, Precision, Durability, Delivery and most importantly value.

We strongly believe in Value added selling. At A. A. Jansson value is measured by how we can positively affect your bottom line without compromising on the quality of your product. We want you to remember we are here to help you manufacture and measure not just sell you a product. Satisfied customers and repeat business is why we continue to grow after 5 decades in business. If you haven't already done it is time to experience the A.A. Jansson Difference.

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