Torque - In Our Lab
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Torque - In Our Lab

Few things are more important than achieving proper torque. The assembly process requires the proper torque ratings for fasters. The proper torque is extremely important. When accurate torque is not applied to the bolts and nuts, they wear out quickly and can cause failure. Torque settings are designed into the manufacturing process to assure maximum life of a product, enhance safety, and improve performance.

If not performed correctly, product failure and poor performance can occur. Depending on the type of application and the type of failure, the result could even cause death. Either way, inaccurate torque can be very costly to a manufacturer. Make sure your torque wrenches and drivers are providing you accurate torque settings. At A.A. Jansson, we can calibrate your torque wrenches and drivers from 4 in. lbs. up to 600 ft. lbs.

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