Surface Plate and Granite Surfaces

Surface Plate Calibration
Surface Plate Calibration
Surface Plate Lapping Up Close
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Surface Plate Lapping Up Close

Granite Surface plates have been the literal foundation of measurement for decades. The surface plate is used as a reference plane for precision inspection, layout and tooling setup around the world. It is inherently stable, non-magnetic and will not rust. In addition it can be lapped to maintain its flatness and repeat reading.

At A.A. Jansson Inc., we are experts at providing precise, high quality granite surfaces made to laboratory grade, inspection grade, and tool room grade accuracy. We are able to provide surface plates, tool making flats, angle plates, parallels, V-Blocks, 5-faced master squares and more. Our granite features low water absorption characteristics, excellent surface hardness, and high levels of wear resistance. As a full service provider we service what we sell, and can provide calibration and resurfacing (lap) of granite, as well as drilling and installation of inserts in granite. A wide variety of precision tooling and measurement applications benefit from our comprehensive granite products and services, contact us today to learn more.

A.A. Jansson's Surface Plate Calibration is the most accurate and reliable calibration service available. Our computerized digital electronics capabilities allow automatic economical, fast and error-free calculations and surface plates will be checked for flatness and repeat reading.

We will also resurface to the required grade for your granite surface plates that are found out of tolerance. A.A. Jansson follows Federal Specification GGG-P-463c, ASME B89.3.7-2013, or customer specific specification. All services can be performed in you plant and are conveniently scheduled to meet your requirements.


Surface Plates will be thoroughly cleaned before starting calibration

Computerized Calibration

The digital electronic level system is the most advanced, accurate, and reliable method available for calibrating surface plates. The electronic levels are interfaced with a laptop computer, allowing quick, error-free and precise measurements.

Electronic Level Head Advantage

The electronic levels have an advantage over other methods due to their differential gage heads. They produce high resolution measurements under harsh conditions such as vibration. This is not possible with autocollimators or laser based systems. The differential methods used by A.A. Jansson allows the gage heads to be set up for opposite responses to a common motion, meaning the motion is ignored during the measurement process. This process results in a more accurate form of measurement than other types of flatness measuring equipment.

Resurfacing of Plates

Using your specified requirements, any plates that are found out-of-tolerance may be resurfaced by our A.A. Jansson technicians using a dry lapping process and fine diamond compounds. Steel surface plates can also be quoted for re-grinding.

Computer Generated Results

Once the calibration is complete, the computer performs an analysis of the data. Within moments, the results are compiled and an 8 ½" x 11" a report is generated. The generated chart then shows the 3D profile of the surface of the plate.

Contact us today to learn more about our A2LA accredited calibration services.

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