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We are an authorized dealer with strong working relationship with multiple leading manufacturers. These relationships provide us with the knowledge and expertise to provide you unparalleled sales and service.

Combining 50 years of metrology, tooling, and manufacturing experience, FixLogic is a culmination of extensive research in CMM. Our fixture plates and kits are the most versatile in the industry, offering easy setup capabilities and efficient inspection control at a fraction of the price. We provide a t-slot design that gives operators unlimited combinations of fixture setups, high functionality, and superior cost savings when compared to other system kits. The FixOptix modular fixture system for optical comparators allow for an infinite variety of staging options. With video systems, our SEE Frame design offers an alternative to expensive acrylic grid plates for bench-top video. Serving the defense, automotive, and medical industries, we are an established leader in 21st century fixture technologies for CMM.
Flexbar Unique Products Innovative Solutions
Flexbar produces innovative metrology, inspection, optical, and video equipment for precision manufacturing, backed by an extensive customer service philosophy. Not only are the vast majority of our products made in the USA, but we also represent prominent manufacturers for measurement instrumentation available today. We carry gage systems in both digital and dial format, metrology equipment, hardness testers, surface roughness testers, stands, and accessories. Our popular universal holder positioning arms are built for heavy duty flexibility and stability during an inspection or measurement process. Our equipment is configured for a variety of scales, including Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, Shore, and other measurement units. Our goal is to save you time and money, providing well-engineered solutions for your precision industrial needs.
Fowler High Precision products are globally recognized for cutting edge inspection, leveling, control, and calibration measurements. Setting the standard for quality and accuracy, we carry a complete line of bore and height gages, horizontal and vertical calibration systems, electronic levels, precision instruments, dial indicators, and specialty gages. Committed to implementing new technology, several of our products incorporate measurement data sent wirelessly to operators via Bluetooth, with longer battery life, carbon fiber beam gages, and nano-sized calibration capabilities. Our new generation of computer integrated manufacturing and statistical process control exemplifies our standards for high quality inspection. Each Fowler product is a commitment to innovation, supported by our knowledgeable field-sales team focused on exceptional support and service.
Glastonbury Southern Gage
At Glastonbury Southern Gage, we are an established, full service gage manufacturer focused on rigorous quality standards and a commitment to customer service. Our superior line of surveillance masters offer English or Metric calibrations for micrometers and calipers, as well as geometric and Z-axis chek masters. We also carry a wide array of taper, plug, variable, API, and thread gages, well-known for our production using outstanding quality guidelines and standards. GSG Zero Spindles are rugged and versatile in design, allowing users to inspect concentricity, squareness, roundness, and diameter of objects or products. All of our products are produced in a state-of-the-art, environmentally controlled facility, ensuring consistent build quality and streamlined workflow. Backed by in-depth training programs and seminars, we offer a wide range of technical assistance and calibration resources for our customers. Founded in 1955, we continue to serve customers with improved delivery and competitive pricing.
At Heidenhain, we combine extensive customer input with our own scientific research to produce technologically superior products for metrology instrumentation. We offer geometric digital readout systems that analyze the deviations produced from machine tool performance in mills, lathes, grinders, and EDM systems. Our highly accurate length gauges offer multipoint inspection, measurement analysis, and position measuring. Built for rigorous industrial environments and offering high thermal stability, these instruments consistently achieve high accuracy readings over a long period of time. Our full line of precision scales, encoders, probes and comparator systems are vital for understanding tolerances, surface definition, and the overall accuracy of machine movement. Whether measuring dynamic or static tool inspection, we emphasize scientific research in our products, offering customized linear and angular metrology solutions to multiple industries.
Inspection Control Company
Inspection Control Company offers gage blocks in a variety of materials, shapes, and customizations to help achieve the highest calibration standards for inspection applications. Our standard gage blocks, offered in complete sets or individual units, are offered in hard chrome or flashed chrome surfaces and capable of outwearing steel blocks by a ratio of 5:1. Offered in rectangular or square shape, these blocks are calibrated and certified in strict accordance to ISO/IEC 17025 standards and with NIST traceable accuracy. For custom applications, ICC’s special gage blocks are available in various sizes and shapes, precision manufactured using chrome plate, steel, tungsten carbide, or chrome carbide. Since 1954, our experienced staff has been manufacturing A2LA precision gage blocks specifically designed for your requirements.
Mahr Federal combines innovation with quality design for precision metrology instrumentation and measuring solutions. Our advanced air gages, wireless applications, measurement tools, indicators, and gages are a culmination of extensive research and development. They’ve served a variety of industries, including automotive, electronics, precision mechanics, medical, and optics. We also design and manufacture high precision gear metering pumps for the plastics industry, designed to measure polymer, synthetics, and composite processing. Our worldwide, family-run business proudly carries its name for surface metrology and metering technology with German precision in mind. Without extensive research and development in metrology, there would be no technical progress in manufacturing. That’s why at Mahr we emphasize research and development, offering solutions that will help shape our industry.
Mitutoyo is globally recognized as a leader in the fusion of electronics and metrology instrumentation. With products capable of measuring in the sub-micron range, we carry a versatile line of precision measuring tools, instruments, and equipment backed by an extensive network of support and educational resources. Mitutoyo is considered a premier metrology organization, offering a wide range of surface roughness, contour analyzing and roundness testing systems that integrate the latest data collection technology with measuring instruments. Besides our full line of handheld precision tools, gages, and indicators, we specialize in ultra-sensitive instruments including optical comparators, coordinate measurement, laser scan micrometers, and form measuring equipment. Many of these devices offer complete integration with computer based metrology systems, interfaces, and software applications. Continuously expanding our research and development efforts, we’re poised to lead the advance in precision metrology instrumentation and data integration.
Since 1978, our team at Optek has lead the way in optical inspection and measurement instruments for a variety of industries. We combine automated computer control with optical, X-ray, and high-resolution tools for precision metrology and surface inspection. Our computer controlled subsystems can manipulate and position the features of an object for ultra-magnified inspection and analysis. With our VideoMic series, operators use fully programmable CNC controls for rapid dimension verification. High magnification optics relay the image to a high resolution camera, ultimately allowing digital images at sub-micron measurements. Using the Innervision series, operators utilize X-ray coordinate measuring to analyze the internal features of circuit board designs. All Optek measurement systems combine integrated engineering and manufacturing, with calibration based on NIST traceable glass masters and laser interferometry. Built entirely in-house, Optek offers the flexibility to include custom configurations depending on your industry’s application requirements.
Renishaw Apply Innovations
Developing innovative products to improve operational efficiency, at Renishaw, we design and manufacture probes for CMM instrumentation as well as CNC machine tool systems. We also offer laser spatial measurement instruments, gauges, fixtures, and styli which will fundamentally improve CMM performance. Our CMM probe heads, styli, and calibration sensors enable precise data acquisition of object dimensions and surface data during measurement. We offer probe technology which includes standard touch-trigger probes to manual probe heads, automated probe and styli calibration, and our revolutionary 5-axis measurement system. For CNC machine tools, our sensors allow for automated tool setting, work piece set-up, in-cycle gauging, and part inspection. Our products support CNC milling, lathes, and machining centers, with probes available for laser tool setters, contact tool setters, touch and inspection probes, and breakage detectors. Leading the way in innovation and quality, our team at Renishaw designs state-of-the-art automated machining calibration, inspection, and measurement probe technology.
At Scienscope, we offer state-of-the-art measurement systems capable of optical, x-ray, and video scanning for macro and microscopic inspection. Coupled with advanced measurement software, an intuitive interface, and precision HD quality image technology, our CMM systems serve multiple industries, from electronics to medical technology. We design and manufacture custom configurable video measurement systems, stereo zoom microscopes, macro video systems, and cabinet x-ray inspection systems. Our most recent advances are based on x-ray technology, a non-destructive form of measuring and inspection which gives operators a closer look at multi-layered circuit boards, nano-sized components, biological specimens, and solid objects. Scienscope’s X-ray inspection systems bring the highest price-to-performance ratio currently in the industry. Originally founded in 1995 for the development of optical and video solutions for circuit board manufacturing, we’ve evolved to become a full provider of inspection & measurement systems, microscopes, and x-ray technologies.
ST-Industries, Inc - Scherr-Tumico
With 70 years of experience in measuring products, our experienced staff at ST Industries manufactures cost-friendly optical comparators, video inspection systems, tools, and gages. Our products are not made in an assembly line, but hand crafted and thoroughly tested by expert technicians at each step of the assembly process. Our precision measuring tools include regular and specialty micrometers, a wide selection of gages, and indicators for your inspection needs. Our optical comparators are available with several high resolutions and include video inspection system options customized for your needs. Before leaving the factory, all of our products are thoroughly tested and certified for quality and performance, including NIST traceability. When selecting an Optical Comparator, we give customers the flexibility to configure their system and only pay for what they really need. Since early 1940s, we pride ourselves on treating our customers with respect while providing expert advice and urgency.
At Starrett, our legacy for high quality precision engineered measurement solutions spans over 100 years. Our precision measuring tools include micrometers, levels, gage blocks, dial indicators & gages, and granite surface plates. For metrology instrumentation, our reputation for precision accuracy and quality control make it a recognized brand for optical measuring, vision systems, and multi-sensor measurement systems. We support our metrology equipment with installation, training, and post-installation support, providing additional value for every instrumentation purchase. Our laser measurement systems are directly used on factory floors for real-time monitoring, quality control, and dimensional inspection for manufacturing and automation applications. Our global network of distributors, dealers, and retailers will go above and beyond to support any type of manufacturing, metalworking, or scientific entity.
Universal Punch Corp
Universal Punch is a leading provider of universal concentricity gaging systems for the automotive, aerospace, commercial, defense, electronic, and medical industries. With a commitment to precision and excellence, our entire line of concentric and pro-modular gages are offered in an array of configuration options and capabilities. We carry over 45 different gages that will accommodate a wide variety of machine components, indicator positions, and adjustments based on your measurement specifications. Our Universal Pro-Fixture series will work with fixtures of multiple sizes and shapes, adaptable and flexible for any task. Pro-Fixture series gages include custom interface options such as sensors, vision systems, displacement transducers, and laser micrometers. For over 40 years, we’ve honored our commitment to quality oriented production, rigorously inspecting and testing each unit for extreme accuracy in any industrial environment.
Vermont Gage
At Vermont Gage, our success has been built on technical expertise, quality oriented products, and competitive pricing for our extensive line of gage pins and sets. Adhering to a rigorous ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17025 quality management systems, all materials and processes are constantly monitored in order to conform to our established standards. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can manufacture tight tolerances as close as 20 millionths of an inch. Our facilities manufacturer ring gages, plug gages, thread ring gages, fixture limit gages, precision tools, and taperlock gages, as well as pins, punches, and perforators. Vermont Gage executives are active in key organizations such as ANSI and the National Trade Association (AMTMA), contributing to our reputation for detail, timely delivery, and knowledgeable customer service.
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