Glass Inspection Masters

Glass Master Calibration
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Glass Master Calibration

Glass inspection masters are common in the calibration industry and are used for the calibration of Optical Comparators, Microscopes, and Video Inspection Systems. Glass Inspection masters are used to calibrate and improve the accuracy of the staging systems on numerous types of optical inspection systems. In addition to calibrating the length characteristics of a measuring instrument they can also be used to determine magnification accuracy and Field of View Accuracy (F.O.V.) of the optical image.

A.A. Jansson's sub-micron optical inspection system can calibrate you masters with micron accuracy. Contact us today to learn more about our Glass Inspection Masters calibration capability.

  • Linear Scales
  • Micro-rules
  • Stage Micrometers
  • Magnification Rules
  • Magnifiers
  • Loupes and Comparators
  • Reticles

Contact us today to learn more about our A2LA accredited calibration services.

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