Fixed Limit Gaging

Fixed Limit Gaging is one of the most common forms of gaging for controlling a manufacturing business. A Fixed Limit Gage is commonly referred to as Go/NoGo Gage or an attribute gage. Fixed limit gaging is a quick, simple, cost effective method for gaging your manufacturing process. The fundamental concept of fixed limit gauging is to never accept a bad part.

A.A. Jansson offers both plain and threaded plug gages and ring gages. Based on your tolerance, Size and environmental conditions we can provide the appropriate gage. Call one our Metrologists to help you determine the appropriate size and tolerance for your application.

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Fixed Limit Gaging Product Information

  • Represent Vermont Gage and Glastonbury Southern Gage
  • Fixed limit gaging is also referred to as Go/No Go Gaging or Attribute Gaging
  • You gage both the lower limit and the upper limit of the tolerance
  • We sell and Calibrate Fixed limit Gages
  • We can recommend the proper gage to use given customer part tolerance that is being applied
  • Advantages of Fixed limit gaging
    • Low cost of all inspection methods
    • Fast and Portable
    • Calibrated gages offer traceability to accepted standards
    • Easy to train operators of all skill levels
    • Most conducive to use on the shop floor
  • Made of steel, chrome and carbide allowing you to choose the best combination of wear and thermal coefficients.
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