Equipment Upgrades

Before the advent of computer based measurement systems gauges had to be made accurately and precise. Unfortunately the manufacturing methods used were time consuming and costly. With the aide of computer compensation, most manufactures are opting for more cost effective methods of manufacturing measurement equipment. They develop less accurate machines and compensate for the inaccuracies within the software.

The downside of low cost manufacturing is durability. Many inexpensive machines though accurate in the early years, lack dependability in later years. In many cases the machines have a shorter life expectancy and require more frequent calibrations and repair.

Why not have the best of both worlds. Your outdated equipment, when properly update with new electronics, might outperform the newer equipment of today. Have one of our trained staff evaluate your equipment to help you determine your options.

A.A. Jansson can update your;
  1. Optical Comparators
  2. Microscopes
  3. Coordinate Measuring Machines
  4. Machine Tools
  5. Vision Based Inspection Systems
  6. And More.

Vision Measurement Measuring Vision Inspection

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