Coordinate Measuring Machine Accessories (CMM)

At A.A. Jansson, we stock and distribute an extended variety of CMM accessories and even provide drop shipments for hard to find parts. Because we sell only measuring equipment, we understand the needs of our customer base; as a result we offer CMM accessories from industry leading manufactures such as Renishaw, Fowler, and Fixlogix.

Renishaw is recognized globally for precision measuring systems and equipment for many industries. While Fowler has been providing North America with quality tools and measuring equipment for over 65 years. These manufacturers and more comprise a selection of CMM accessories that is unmatched, and designed to provide solutions for a broad range of requirements.

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CMM Accessories Product Brochures

Fowler P1-5A Touch Trigger Probes
Fowler P1-5A Touch Trigger ProbesFowler P1-5A Touch Trigger Probes
(PDF - 446 KB)
Fowler Styli Trigger Probes
Fowler Styli Trigger ProbesFowler Styli Trigger Probe
(PDF - 307 KB)
FixLogix E-Brochure Dual Kits
FixLogix E-Brochure Dual KitsFixLogix E-Brochure Dual Kits
(PDF - 62.1 KB)
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